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"I am strongly recommending this book."


– Deal Hudson, Publisher

   The Christian Review

"Lewis has done his research and made a compelling case that a vote can be a mortal sin."

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What they're saying about Catholic Voting and Mortal Sin...

"This book is essential for all Catholics, especially pro-life activists, and an absolute must-read for priests, teachers, and other Church leaders. Those who read Catholic Voting and Mortal Sin and absorb its content will never hesitate to argue the cause of life again. Better still, they will win every argument."

-Jack Cashill, author of "Popes and Bankers," "If I Had a Son," and a dozen other books.


"John Gerard Lewis reminds us that being a Catholic in the voting booth is just as important as living the faith in our parishes and families. Voting with an informed conscience is both a civic and a sacred duty, one that has eternal consequences for our souls."

– John Horvat II, author of "Return to Order" and vice president of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property.

"In this very methodical and well-referenced work, John Gerard Lewis lays out the case that many Catholics are putting their immortal souls at peril when they cast their ballots for certain political candidates. With powerful quotations from Catholic shepherds, Lewis lays the case that the overarching political issue of our time is undoubtedly the atrocity of abortion."

– Paul J. Camarata, M.D., Professor and Chairman, Vascular and Skull Base Neurosurgery, University of Kansas Medical Center

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